"What's an interrobang?!"
"Is Keeferman real?"
We assure you... he's real. "Okay. Fine. He's real, but is he really a superhero?" What makes a superhero? Is it dodging bullets and sending criminals downtown? Is it other feats of strength, agility, endurance, and intellect? Is it community service like donating blood, voting, or recycling? Is it good deeds like feeding the hungry or helping little old ladies across the street? Keeferman is all of these things and more. Check out his adventures here on this site, out there in the media, and (one day) up on The Big Screen.
"What's Keeferman's secret identity?"
"What's Keeferman's day job?"
"What's the deal with Stimpy?"
"Who's that other cat in those pictures with Stimpy?"
"Who's Joan?"
"What’s next for Keeferman?"